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End-to-end solution

Leet's event staff provides all the tools you need to run a tournament, including match verification, dispute resolution, payouts, and age verification. Included services like targeted marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. allow you to focus on more important things.


Our platform includes data analytics, so you can gain insight into your customers. See overviews of your entire user base, search for individual users, or view data on a per-event basis. Oh, and all the data is yours to keep.

Engagement & exposure

It's not just about players. Leet engages spectators, too. Showcase your property online in a live stream of the event, and engage both players and spectators with event-integrated raffles. Leet can also integrate with existing loyalty programs.

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Leet consultation services

Our domain knowledge can provide you with valuable insights into one of the most talked about industries today. As technology providers, tournament operators, and esports team owners - We've almost done it all! Let us help build your millennial engagement strategy.

Our other products

Leet 1 is a simple and easy way to appeal to younger demographics. Display curated competitive eSports content in your sports book with this plug-and-play solution. It's as easy as turning on ESPN, and acts just like any other TV channel. Leet 1 can be accessed online or by hardware, and can be specially tailored for most needs.

In-Room Gaming lets our clients provide video game rentals for their valued hotel guests. Our team is responsible for up-to-date hardware and software, setup, customer service, troubleshooting, and teardown. Guests are charged per day for consoles, controllers, and games.

Leet Bingo is a next-generation interactive spectator experience. Players are dealt bingo cards populated not with letters and numbers, but with events that may occur in a given game in real time. Extra modes of interaction increase user engagement. This product is versatile, and can be played, for example, while spectating a game between bots, or even while watching a live tournament.

Leet's skill-based applications are tailored for 1v1, team vs. team, or winner-takes-all scenarios. Players can compete against each other for real money online or in person to see how they stack up against the competition. Match verification can be automated for many of the most popular games.